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Private Crèche and Childcare

Sainte Foy Childcare and Crèche Facilities

Venture Ski prides itself on our exceptional Sainte Foy childcare and private Crèche. We have a private creche on site where we offer childcare from twelve weeks to 12 years.

Our Childcare services are delivered by a team of qualified professionals.  Guests of Venture Ski have to option to choose half or full day childcare programs. Babysitting services are also available too.

Our Private Crèche has always been a unique feature of the Venture Ski experience.  The crèche is spacious, warm, secure and fully stocked with arts and crafts, toys, books as well as sleeping facilities for our youngest crèche members.

Childcare Services & Team

We are proud to recruit the most dedicated and friendly team of child carers, teachers and nannies for our childcare services team at Venture Ski. They will ensure that your children, toddlers and babies have a great holiday and take away lasting positive memories of their special time in the wonderful family resort of Sainte Foy.

We have a mixed team of male and female nannies and although we don’t give in-house ski lessons, we do have experienced skiers on the childcare team, which ensures we can engage with both the younger children and the older ones too.

Sainte Foy is a great family friendly ski resort and Venture Ski Sainte Foy Childcare has a tremendous reputation as a family friendly ski tour operator with excellent childcare.

The Childcare Service

Our childcare services team take care of children from 9:00am to 5:00pm including lunch. If they are in ski school they will be dropped off and picked up, and for the younger ones particularly on the first day or two, our nannies will endeavour to monitor their progress in ski school to ensure they are settling in.

Exclusively for residents of Venture Ski, we can offer the following:

  • Full day childcare per child for a six-day week
  • Half day childcare with or without lunch
  • Ad-hoc days

The Children

The Venture Ski childcare team, have a special programme of activities for all young ages. We group infants and children into similar ages, but always remaining flexible for families and children who would rather play together regardless of their age.

As a rough guide, we view under-2 year-olds as infants, 3-4 year-olds (usually pre-ski school age) are our “cadets”, 5-7 year-olds, the “juniors” who you may have in ski school or with a private ski instructor for a couple of hours each day; and then the “tweens” – 8 years-old and over – we know they are too cool for a crèche, but we have some great activities (including occasional hosted trips round the ski slopes) for competent youngsters with parental permission.

Our Childcare Standards

We seek to deliver exceptional childcare services to your children whilst you are out skiing and enjoying the mountain.  Our childcare staff ratios are in line with the UK statutory limits. Our minimum staffing ratios are:

  • Infants: One member of staff for every two children under 2 years.
  • Toddlers: One member of staff for every four children aged 2 – 4 years.
  • Juniors: One member of staff for every five children aged 5 – 7 years.
  • Pre-Teens: One member of staff for every eight children aged over 8 years.

Please note that these are minimums, and it is rare that we have more than 10 children during quiet periods.

Ski Schools

Sainte Foy offers a great selection of ski schools for your children that want to get out on the slopes and they offer great adult lessons too.

Our Childcare Ethos

As many of our regular guests know, two of our company Directors, Peter and Rachel Duke, have six children in their modern blended family.  Peter and Rachel take their brood on one annual ski holiday per year and so they fully understand the complexities involved in handling children of different abilities, personalities and interests.  And Mark Livesey, our Sales and Marketing Director, is now embarking on the ski school years with his young daughter.  The Directors know how important it is to have the right facilities, the right childcare team and the most professional standards in looking after our guests’ children.

Ski holidays with children involves “taking the show on the road”.  While at times this is a daunting task for parents of younger children, it is also one of the most memorable experiences your children will have.  We recognise that the biggest part of your holiday enjoyment is when you know your children are enjoying their holiday too.